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A bequest is a meaningful way to make a lasting contribution to the people living in our homes. Leaving a gift in your will help support Shore Trusts mission enabling disabled people to have more choices further enhancing their lives. Your gift is a valued and impactful way to contribute to the transformation of disabled people living in our communities.

This can include:

  • A Percentage of your Estate after other gifts and debt are cleared or
  • A Fixed Sum – regular updates are required to ensure this is inflation-proof because the value of a fixed sum decreases as the cost of living increases or
  • A Gift of Assets – may include your home, other property, stocks, shares and other investments or a portion of these.

How your gift is used:

You can choose to leave a “no strings attached” gift so ShoreTrust board can determine how best to use it, or you can specify in you Will how you would like your gift to be used.

Please contact us for further information.

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