The Trust

About Us

Shore Trust is a well-established niche residential service based on the North Shore of Auckland. We offer unique living services for adults, tailored to the needs and aspirations of each individual aiming to create peace of mind for families and carers.

Running alongside our residential services, we offer a full day community participation service where people who live in our homes are supported to be in control of their choices, the support they receive and involvement in the community.

Making your own decisions is key to a fulfilling life. At Shore Trust, we support people to access the information and services needed to decide on the good life each person wants to live.

Who Can Benefit From Living In Our Homes

A New Zealand Citizen / Resident:
*   Eligibility for entry between the age of 17 – 65 years old
*   Has a long term intellectual or neurological impairment which isn’t covered by ACC
*   Has been assessed by a local Needs Assessment Service Co-ordination Service (NASC) to be able to access residential support

We also hold a community participation contract with the Ministry of Social Development which enables our people to take part in and become fully involved with their community.

Although we currently have no vacancies available please feel free to contact us for more information on the “Contact Us” form.

What others say

Feedback from Ministry of Health

Health & Disability Evaluation feedback received from the Ministry of Health regarding Shore Trust service included:

  • Shore Trust is an exemplary service and should be promoting themselves to others who wish to run a service such as theirs.  They will be encouraging people to come and look at them.
  • The manager and team is their greatest asset.  The staff are crucial to the smooth running of the home
  • Respect is modelled from the top and have staff talked about how they feel valued and respected and the people who live in the home are also well respected.
  • Everyone works as a Team – Board members, the Manager, staff and the people who live in the home all work together
  • The people who live in the home have busy and interesting lives and have choices about what they want to do.  They are looked at in a positive way and seen as capable people
  • Shore Trust have policies, procedures and processes in place that are meaningful and work for us.